About the Platform

About the Platform

Welcome to the crowdfunding space for social businesses by Baltic youth!


ImpactYouth welcomes social business ideas from Lithunanian, Latvian and Estonian youth as well as investors into their start-ups!

  • If you seek funding for your business idea, which combines public benefit and an attractive commercial product – go here (present idea)
  • If you wish to support social business and be the first to test new products by startups - go here (find idea)

Starting a business is a fascinating, yet demanding process. To kick- off a new venture, you will likely need not only determination and a good business idea, but also financial and moral support. ImpactYouth will help present your idea, check out its attractiveness to potential clients, and find promoters and financial support.

For those investing into startups, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their belief in a new venture, and promote desired change in the society.

Just small contributions by a group of like-minded people can make fantastic change!